Indicator Manuals

BW & BWS  Indicator Manuals
BW & BWS  Manual
BWS Spec Table
FBx Indicator Manual
FBx Manual
WT1 Indicator Manuals
All Options
WT1 Brochure
WT1 Data Sheet
WT1 Menu Tree

Junction Box Manuals

WT4, WT8S & WTX4S J-Box Data Sheets
WT4  Data Sheet
WT8S Data Sheet
WTX4S Data Sheet


Scale Manuals

LVS& LC-VS Vet Scale Manuals
LVS & LC-VS Manual
LVS & LC-VS Spec Table

Livestock Scale Manuals

WB Livestock Scale Manuals
All Options
WB Spec Table
WB 5K & 10K Manual
WB 7.5K Manual
TREE Indicator Manual

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