We specialize in unique scale projects and one-of-a-kind custom load cells. 

We are the epitome of a lean manufacturing operation. We are able to draw upon years of engineering and testing experience to help customers answer vital questions about their equipment. Whether that means building a one-of-a-kind load cell or networking with contacts and suppliers to source off-the-shelf solutions, we are here to help.


Load cell diagnosis and repair

Evaluating, repairing and replacing load cells

Do you have a malfunctioning load cell with an expired warranty? Send it to us! We'll evaluate and then repair or replace it, as needed. 


Low-volume, customized load cells 

Creating specialized load cells

Do you have a research and design project or new prototype that requires specialized load cells? We can help you with that!


Freelance load cell and scale design

Working with manufacturers on a freelance basis 

Are you a load cell and scale manufacturer who has more projects than you can handle? Let us help you get caught up!

Custom strain gage application

Creating custom design-for-life testing

Do you have your design-for-life test up and running? We have the tools and experience to help! 


Some of the tools and equipment we use include:

  • SolidWorks 3D CAD modelling with FEA analysis capability.

  • Calibration machinery and fixturing with 40,000lbs capacity.

  • Calibration load cell standard with an accuracy rating of <0.002% full scale.

  • Temperature chamber with 8 cu. ft. working volume, and temperature range of -34.6 to +356 degF.

  • Mobile data acquisition system cable of measuring temperature, load cell output and RPM's, 8 channels maximum.

  • Light fabrication capabilities, including turning and milling of small parts, and welding.

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