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Our Story

Hi, I'm Dan

I am the owner and operator of Northstar Load Cell & Scale and have over 20 years of manufacturing and engineering experience from a variety of industries and disciplines. I've worked as an assembler, CAD draftsman, machine operator, test technician, manufacturing engineer, design engineer and test engineer. A large part of my career has revolved around studying the art and science of strain gage application. 


I earned my bachelors degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering which focused on electronics and circuitry, as well as mathematics, physics, and strength of materials. This type of degree is rare and uniquely suited to the design of load cells.


In my early career, I was a technician being given instructions by an engineer. The engineer figured out 'why' and I figured out 'how'. Later in my career, I gained exposure to the science of strain gage application through designing load cells in a manufacturing setting. Now, I was the one figuring out the 'why' and designing load cell products to meet customers' needs in a timely, cost-effective manner. All of these experiences were critical to my knowledge base and the development of Northstar Load Cell & Scale. 

Our Promise To You

Our name is inspired by Polaris, the steadfast star to the north that has guided explorers for centuries. Northstar will strive to be as reliable and true as Polaris in guiding its customers towards the answers they seek. We will draw upon years of experience to help you find the best solutions, and we approach every relationship with: 

We will always provide answers and solutions that are in the best interest of the customer.



We will not ignore commitments made yesterday in order to make new ones today.


We will not be afraid to take calculated risks, operate in a proactive environment or tell you we don’t have an answer.


We will hold steadfast to the principle of treating others as we would like to be treated and treat each request with respect.


We will stress the importance of questioning everything until we find the best possible solution.


We will seize every opportunity to improve our knowledge base and embrace change in order to provide better solutions. 

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